What is Spiritual Birthing?

Spiritual birthing in my view is me taking Word that God gave me, and being drawn to Him by His spirit, I am careful to study that Word, nurture it, build upon its principles, and seek out experiences with God revealing Himself in the Word until He becomes my Truth. You see truth is revealed to me by God drawing me. We are not naturally prone to seeking God on our own. He shows Himself in love, in truth, in wisdom and we are then on a quest for Him in desire, interest, and responding love. He loved us first, not the other way around.

And guess what? He looks for us to show that same kind of love to others as He showed to us. In other words, He expects us to love others before they love us back. Even if they never love us back, or never ever get to know who we are, God expects us to love. Here’s an example. 

My Jochobed Testimony 

It takes love to carry a baby that you know you don’t have the means to take care of, to not have an abortion but choose instead to give the baby a chance to live.

I know how Moses’ mother, Jochobed, felt. I know what it’s like to birth a baby and watch it float down the Nile. I know what it’s like to name someone else’s child and then have to breastfeed it, nursing and caring for it as if it were your very own. But now is the Jochobed Jubilee! I get to Birth my Brilliance and Elevate it too. I cannot get too high and mighty and brag on myself because it was not me who delivered my birthing. Twice before, I had been pregnant and aborted voluntarily before falling in love with God.

What I’m birthing now is God-given seed that He implanted into my life long ago. Now, it’s being birthed before all publicly in the light with a thousand-fold increase God is giving me from interest-bearing notes that are due now for payment. You see, you can’t sow in the spirit and get no return. The return you get is not only spiritual but physical. That’s Bearing in Secret. Birthing out loud. And it goes both ways, good or evil. Whatever you bear in secret, you are going to birth out loud. 

The Spiritual Result is Tangible.

The spiritual result is to become tangible at some point because a spirit requires a body in order to manifest itself. Anytime you see a spirit move without a living body, it is illegal, a renegade species, i.e. ghost. If a spirit doesn’t have a body, it is to be judged by the wrath and penalty of God, just as He judges the practice of witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry, and divination. 

Godly Transformation is a way of Life 

The Holy Ghost even lives in a body. Godly birthing is a spiritual process that is also lawful, but the ungodly practices of witchcraft, sorcery, idolatry, and divination, for example, are not. Therefore, the practice of godly transformation is to become a way of life for us. Ungodly transformation is a way leading in the opposite direction of life. I had to learn the difference between the two, and after years of still being molded and shaped by God’s grace, I see that godly transformation is a way of life.

This is why ELTU exists. For those who want to hear more, see Why ELTU.