More than Studying

Equipped with God’s brilliant ideas, wisdom, love, and sharing what you learn, YOU are making the world a better place.

YOU are a Becoming a Coach and Published Author

Set apart to help others birth their God-given brilliance.

YOU are Empowered, Inspired, Innovative, and Ready

For a successful path with great leadership. In this journey, you are mastering yours.

YOU are Uniquely Qualified

To operate globally all over the world with an exciting degree or certificate that helps you “Level Up!”

YOU are Pregnant on Purpose

Birthing your dreams and visions.

YOU are Earning while you are Learning at your favorite place of worship

Ask us how you can earn credit towards your ELTU degree by journaling from your intimate time with God.

YOU have a career already

You want a CALLING.

A Few Words
About ELTU

Potentially one of the world’s premier faith-based self-directed learning, education, and research organizations, Elevation Life Transformation University drives new ways of thinking into the church and the world. ELTU is an intimate intellectual destination that draws inspired scholars to our online campuses, keeping ELTU at the nexus of ideas that challenge individuals to become transformed through coaching, leadership, and education that changes the world.

Live. Learn. Love. Your Life in Christ.

Self-paced. Affordable. Create a roadmap. Finish in a few months. Your Choice. Life-changing.

Bachelor of Science

Specializing in Christ-Centered Leadership, Coaching, and Change

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Master of Science

Specializing in Christ-Centered Leadership, Coaching, and Change

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Christ-Centered MBA Certificate

Inner-Healing for the Soul

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Doctor of Philosophy

Specializing in Human Capital Leadership

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Graduate Degree in Executive Leadership

Specializing in Pastoral Care and Change

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Become a Personal Ministry Coach and Published Author while finishing your faith-based degree with us.


ELTU exists for the personal, professional, and spiritual potential and renewal of leaders.
Our mission is birthing biblical leaders who are motivated, inspired, and empowered through the Word of God to become their best – transformed, renewed, fulfilled, and sustained in every area of life.
By offering educational programs, degrees, and seminars which help students, working professionals, and leaders develop the skills and competencies that form and enhance their callings and careers, ELTU is Delivering Destiny.
Equipped with God’s brilliant ideas, love, wisdom, and sharing what we learn through Professional and Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change, we make the world a better place.





Professional Coach Series


Published over 77 books for pastors and leaders

Engage with our faculty leader helping you to birth your God-given brilliance.

Powerful Degrees & Certificate Programs

Uniquely Designed Courses

For example, our Spiritual Intimacy & Birthing Coach Certificate provides you the opportunity to receive coaching services as you experience your own transformation! You become motivated, inspired, and empowered to start or finish a project, goal, or dream that you believe God has given you towards your destiny. We’re your “Brilliance Midwives” along the way. Explore all of our 100 uniquely designed courses covering 10 Programs including (5) Degree Programs and (5) Certificate Seminars.

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When you are called to a profession, it's never about a job. It's about His calling. The choice of ELTU is not only to complete a faith-based degree AND a coach certificate successfully, but to fulfill your purpose which is God's passion.

– Dr. Merle Ray
Founder & CEO, USA

Dynamic content from our supportive Board Leaders and Doctoral candidates go here. My ambition was not only to complete my degree successfully but to make the best out of the time spent studying.

– Debra Banks
Doctor of Graduates in Art, USA

WHO are you becoming? Why it Matters.

God Is I Am – Not I Am Not

God Is I Am – Not I Am Not

Whenever I am feeling weakened by the situations and circumstances of everyday life, whenever I am feeling without...