Doctorate Degree in Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change Course

Course #:         PHD-530                                                          Hours: 10 Lec/ 2 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 12 Total


Method:          Asynchronous Distance Learning                 Schedule: 11 weeks  

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

At what point does a Christ-Centered leader move from being a beginner coach to one who impacts life transformation? Surprisingly, the secret to inviting impactful change in a coaching session is focusing on the person, not the problem being presented by the person being coached. In this course, pastors and leaders will explore three levels of coaching: beginner, better and transformational.


Required Textbook:   Coach the Person Not the Problem: A Simple Guide to Coaching for Transformation by Chad Hall (2016); Kindle Edition, 20 pages, Publisher: Coach Approach Ministries


Learning Objectives

Through reading and applying the principles shared in the course materials, you will:

  • Identify example elements that describe beginner level Christ-Centered coaching.
  • Identify example elements that describe better level Christ-Centered coaching.
  • Identify example elements that describe transformational level Christ-Centered coaching.
  • Describe what creativity and emotional expressions should look like in a session, and how to know when they are effective in our coaching relationships.

Course Syllabus

A class syllabus is provided for each student upon successful enrollment and acceptance. Also see How to Complete this Program section for detailed instructions.