Whenever I am feeling weakened by the situations and circumstances of everyday life, whenever I am feeling without strength, whenever I look around me for friends or family to help, and I do not seem to have the strength to reach out, I must remember that God Is – not God Is not. Sometimes when we are in our heads, we feel like there’s no way, no one, and no solution to the problems facing us.

With all the confusion and chaos that we see going on in the world, it is quite natural to become distracted and feel overwhelmed by the situations and circumstances of life. But God gives endurance. God gives encouragement. God gives us the same attitude of love and acceptance towards each other that Christ Jesus had towards us. God gives this so that we may show forth our likeness in God the Father and Jesus Christ. This is so that those who are without might glorify God through the example of Christ towards us. (Romans 15:5-7 NIV paraphrased)

It is God who gives us the spirit to endure. It is God who encourages us in our spirit man and soul. It is the spirit of God who causes us to have the same unity and oneness in Him that Jesus had so that we may be examples of Christ’s love and acceptance of others who need strength, or who are lost and are finding their way.

This is so that the world may see our love, patience, endurance, and encouragement towards each other and know that GOD IS and not GOD IS NOT.

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