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Doctorate Degree in Christ-Centered Coaching, Leadership, and Change Course

Course #:        PHD-520                                                          Hours: 10 Lec/ 2 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 12 Total


Method:          Asynchronous Distance Learning                 Schedule: 11 weeks  

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

Since year 2019, the case for coaching in business and personal life have led to the emergence of a market worth $7.5 billion in the United States alone and over $15 billion worldwide. Clearly, the coaching discipline and language is an element to be studied, learned, and replicated. It follows then that appropriately balancing Christ-Centered living as a distinct type and level of education for coaching is a path just waiting to be explored. In this course, the language and discipline of learning to coach is the goal for the Christ-Centered leader.

Required Textbook:   The Language of Life and Business Coaching: Advanced Coaching Skills That Will Help Your Clients Flourish Paperback by Chad Hall (2018); ISBN-13: 978-1719913461; 70 pages, Publisher: Independently Published

Learning Objectives

Through reading and applying the principles shared in the course materials, you will:

  • Parallel learning coaching as you would learn a new language.
  • Master the five shifts in action that elevate your coaching to new levels of fluency.
  • Explore the coaching language elements that strengthen one’s ability to coach.
  • Incorporate language strategies into practice to observe results in Christ-Centered setting.

Course Syllabus

A class syllabus is provided for each student upon successful enrollment and acceptance. Also see How to Complete this Program section for detailed instructions.