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Christ-Centered MBA Seminar Course

Course #:         MBA-360                                                         Hours: 5 Lec/ 0 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 5 Total


Method:          Independent Research                                  Schedule: 8 weeks

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

In trying times, most people are challenged to redefine themselves to maintain their livelihood. This is when people tend to ask, “Am I going to make it? What’s going on? Is everything going to turn out well with me?” In this course, you will be empowered in praying to hold on to God fiscally, spiritually, mentally, and physically every day for 40-days through the biblical study of the numbers. The goal is to discover how God is a TRANSFORMATION EXPERT! He has high hopes for you! If He didn’t, He wouldn’t have created you. Use this course to learn about Godly Transformation!

Required Textbook:   40-Days to Transformation Excellence by Dr. Merle Ray; ISBN-13: 978-1984323217; 94 pages, Publisher: The Noble Groups on the Amazon Createspace Platform

Learning Objectives

Through extensive research and use of the suggested course materials, you will:

  • Evaluate what you learn about God and His use of each number.
  • Journal your observations about God during the lessons taught in the textbook.
  • Journal your observations about yourself during these daily devotional lessons.
  • Summarize any points that stick with you during the daily devotions.

Course Syllabus

  • A class syllabus is provided for each student upon successful enrollment and acceptance.