Master’s Seminar Series Certificate in Professional Coaching Course

Course #:         M-CPC-112                                                     Hours: 15 Lec/ 0 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 15 Total


Method:          Independent Self Study                                 Schedule: 6 weeks

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

This learning experience provides a dedicated time for participants to practice and set up their coaching sessions with real coachees or clients, become centered for coaching and reflect on the coaches responsibility for being present in the guiding system. It is for students who would like to use their time in journaling, reflection, coaching time practicing, and developing coaching sessions for this time of focused study. Participants must conduct and submit their recorded coaching sessions or their lessons: research, journaling, reflecting, or homework in their journals to receive credit. Credit will be given for no more than 15-course time hours for this independent study

Learning Objectives

  • Students will describe or demonstrate their understanding of the coaching practices learned in DIAMONDS and ICF’s foundation of guided systems in coaching practices.