Master’s Seminar Series Certificate in Professional Coaching Course

Course #:       M-CPC-109                                                     Hours: 16 Lec/ 2 Lab/ 0 Ext/ 18 Total


Method:          Live Instructor-Led Online                             Schedule: SAT/SUN 8 AM – 5:30 PM

Complete Synopsis                                                                Prerequisites: None

D.I.A.M.O.N.D.S. are self-discovered jewels found by clients working in partnership with the coach who is fully present in the moment. In D.I.A.M.O.N.D.S. Coach-Specific Training coaches learn how to help their clients elevate their brilliance through mastery of coaching fundamentals. The term, D.I.A.M.O.N.D.S. stands for “dynamically integrated actions mined on the needs, dimensions, and specifics” of the client to signify that competent confident coaching is like mining for precious stones. In D.I.A.M.O.N.D.S. we have embraced the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) 2021 updated core competencies and professional standards, as well as ICF’s code of ethics, definition of coaching, and critical foundations that serve as central components of our learning and mastery. In addition to lectures, students will start setting their time for coaching labs, mentor coach supervision, and coach performance evaluations. Using the International Coach Federation (ICF) foundations, this course outlines and describes for coach practitioners and students the DIAMONDS approach available to them in their coaching work to apply competent application of a guided system of coaching practices that aid in supporting the client’s objective for coaching.

Required Textbook: DIAMONDS Core Competencies for Coaching: Coach-specific Training for Professional Coaches and Aspiring Coaches by Dr Merle Evelyn Ray (Author) (2017), ISBN 978-1720921318

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and describe the basics of coaching and coach-specific training.
  • Identify and describe – be able to articulate your purpose for coaching.
  • Identify and describe ICF foundations as well as an understanding of how the DIAMONDS approach is aligned with your objectives in professional coaching.

Required Media

Course Syllabus